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Welcome to Colosseum Dental UK.

We're Europe's newest and fastest-growing dental company and a leading provider of dental services. We aim to provide modern, quality dentistry services for the benefit of our patients, dentists and colleagues. We strive for continuous growth and improved excellence.

Why not join us?

If you're considering pursuing your career in the UK, rest assured that with Colosseum Dental, we'll offer you the support you need. From relocation assistance and help with settling into life in the UK, to training, development and even further studies, we're here with you at every step of your journey. 

We have the support structures in place to empower you on your career with us and through our pan-European network, you'll be part of a wider team of colleagues and specialists, both within the UK and across borders. 

At Colosseum Dental, you can expect a career that gives you the opportunity, freedom and reward you deserve. You'll be joining a team that knows how to enjoy themselves, their work and will support you to fulfill your potential. 

Joining Colosseum Dental UK 

There's no denying it can be a lengthy process, but we'll be on hand to support and guide you on your journey, right through to onboarding you into one of our dental clinics. It all starts with a conversation with one of our recruiters, or you can contact us directly. 

Colosseum-Dental_Moving-to-the-UK_Web-Banners.jpgUnderstanding private and NHS dentistry in the UK

The National Health Service (NHS) launched in 1948 and is the world’s largest publicly funded health service. Its principles mean that anyone residing in the UK is eligible for NHS treatment. This means that healthcare is essentially free, though there are exceptions, including dentistry.

The majority of dental patients need to pay something for their treatment. This may be the cost of a basic NHS treatment, or depending on the procedure, patients can pay more to upgrade for private treatments.
For example, an amalgam filling is available at a set NHS price, but a tooth-coloured option is also offered for an additional cost.

Dentists in the UK are self-employed and many provide both NHS and private treatments, as is the case with our dentists. Colosseum Dental also offers a wider range of treatment options than those funded by the NHS, giving our patients more choice and enabling our dentists to maximise their earning potential.


Modern, well-equipped environments

When you join, you’ll work in one of our newly refurbished, state-of-the-art clinics. We commit to continual investment in our dental clinics to reflect the rapid changes in dental care, driven by research and technological advancements. This means our clinics are contemporary, reflect industry changes and provide our dentists the best environment to operate in.

Training and Continuing Professional Development

At Colosseum Dental, we also place great emphasis on your Continuing Professional Development (CPD). We have a structured approach as part of our training academy which will help maintain and update your skills and knowledge, enabling you to provide excellent quality care for your patients.

The General Dental Council has certain requirements of dentists including the completion of CPD hours. To help meet these requirements, we will support you with regular training events, including “Lunch and Learn” and peer-led training sessions. After you’ve been with us for 3 years and have gained the required NHS experience, we’ll encourage and support you to specialise in a field of your choice, if this is your preference.

Attractive earning potential

We guarantee you’ll earn a minimum of £3,000 per month in your first 6 months with us, for NHS and private treatments*. Thereafter, there’s great potential to increase that through UDA delivery and build up private revenue over time. You’ll also have further opportunity to grow your earnings both in the UK and abroad in one of the eight countries we also operate in, if this is what you want to do.

Moving to the UK

We understand starting a new life, in a new country, is exciting but there’s also a lot to consider. Rest assured we’ve supported many dentists and their families begin their life in the UK and when you join Colosseum Dental, we’re here to guide and help you at every step of the way.

We'll support you through the application process and relocation, then once you're with us, we'll invite you to a 3-day induction course to become familiar with the NHS and UK systems and stakeholders. To help you settle in we'll assign you a "buddy" from a local clinic, as well as a mentor, who'll act as a guide in your professional development and learning. 

Incredible locations across the UK

From Devon to Kent, Suffolk to East Sussex, we have exciting job vacancies across the business at Colosseum Dental UK.

Below we've highlighted a number of towns and cities, their culture and what's on offer for you and your family. So not only will you be working with the best practice team and growing your career, you'll be able to enjoy a healthy work-life balance and experience the best of what's on offer in a beautiful area of the UK.

To discover more, click any of the cities below to open a PDF with further information.

“Moving from Spain to the UK was daunting, but from day one all my colleagues have helped me to adapt and feel right at home. I was attracted to Colosseum’s dentist-focused approach to business and courses they provide, but I’ve found the best part of the job is my practice team.”
Dr Javier Olucha, Associate Dentist, Well Street Dental Clinic