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Flexibility and support for all team members at Colosseum Dental UK

Emma Peacock is the practice manager of our Oval Dental Practice, and discusses working with us:

“Colosseum has been fantastic in terms of flexibility for me. Since I came back from maternity leave, I have been able to work a shorter lunch and finish earlier so that I can pick my child up on time, and they have been very accommodating with this.

“We have seen leadership and regional manager changes in last few years, but there has always been good communication within the company regarding what’s going on and what the plans are moving forward. Also, whoever has come in has always made sure they address the practices to keep us all updated, alongside visiting the clinics to make sure there is a personal aspect. No one is just a number within a business.

“I would most certainly recommend working with Colosseum to others. I have learnt so much and been encouraged to try and push myself, but always with any help and support I have needed.”

For more information about Colosseum Dental and the career opportunities available, please contact Lee Catlin at lee.catlin@colosseumdental.co.uk or on 07936358758.