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Professional Development Despite Everything

Professional development despite everythin

Given the challenges and stress of the past year, many of us will have let certain things fall in our list of priorities. On a personal level, we might have reduced the amount of exercise we do, had an extra glass of wine than we normally would have done or been less strict on the kids with regards to bed time. Professionally, we may have focused less on marketing activities and business growth, turning attention more to patient care and reorganisation of the practice to accommodate the various new rules and regulations.

Another area that may have, understandably, been left behind slightly for many dentists is professional development. With so much else going on in the clinic and the wider community, learning new clinical skills and developing capabilities will likely not have been at the forefront of minds. 

However, as the profession begins to settle into our new way of doing things and the chance of remaining open stays strong, this might be a good time to get learning back on track. At Colosseum Dental UK, we make it our mission to help every single one of our people to advance their knowledge and progress in their careers. As some form of normality returns to our dental clinics, we want to make sure that our associates continue to have the opportunities, resources and support they need to fulfil their professional ambitions. 

Training and education

To encourage an effective educational pathway, it is important to plan ahead. You need to establish what you want to be able to do better, how you can gain the necessary skills or experience and when you aim to have met your goal by. These details will help to ensure that any training you seek will be relevant to you, your interests, your existing abilities and your patients. Your Personal Development Plan (PDP) is not just a mandatory requirement from the GDC – when fully utilised, it is a valuable tool to steer your career development in the right direction.

At Colosseum Dental UK, we are here to help make your career aspirations a reality. That’s why we offer various CPD events to help you stay on top of your essential requirements, as well as facilitating additional training by remaining open and flexible to your needs. Our management and leadership teams are here to listen to what you hope to achieve, to understand your unique circumstances and to make it easier for you to succeed. 


In this way, we are here to support you throughout your professional journey. Whether you are newly qualified or have decades of experience under your belt, we believe in motivating individuals to strive for an even better version of themselves. Someone is always available to speak to if you need assistance in the clinic, if you need to adjust your working pattern or if you just need emotional support to help you through a tough time. 

In fact, we pride ourselves on being there for our people through the good and the bad times. We demonstrated our commitment to our clinicians with specifically designed packages designed to financially support those who needed it when faced with a substantial loss of earnings during the first national lockdown. We will continue to show that we care more about our people in everything that we do.

In addition, we are always growing as a network, meaning we work with a huge number of highly experienced and talented clinicians who are only too happy to help colleagues in their career development. If you need recommendations for an external course or qualification, are looking for opinions on emerging techniques or would benefit from discussing your training options with a like-minded peer, we can put you in contact with many!

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Excellent patient care is at the heart of Colosseum Dental UK, but we care just as much about our people. If you want to get your professional development and career progression back on track, we will help you do it.

For more information about Colosseum Dental, please visit www.colosseumdental.co.uk/careers