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Colosseum Dental UK recognises outstanding individuals

At Colosseum Dental UK, we care more about our people. We care about supporting individuals across the business, helping them thrive and celebrating their successes. That’s why we hold annual awards – to recognise the outstanding hard work and dedication of our teams and reward people for their achievements.

This year – like many areas of dentistry and life in general – was a little different, but we were still keen still show our appreciation. We therefore held a virtual awards ceremony that our people could join from home. Mike Care – Chief Executive Officer – set the stage, with Kenny Valentine – Commercial Director, Mergers & Acquisitions – announcing the winners of our Christmas competitions. These were designed to provide a little light-hearted fun after what had been a difficult time for many.

The art competition winners who had showcased their artistic talents through drawings, painting and photography were:

  • 3rd Prize – Linda Lui, Snodland
  • 2nd Prize – Vicky Potkins, Cambridge Court
  • 1st Prize – Freya Mortimer, Walworth Rd

In the dental-themed Poetry competition, the winners were:

  • 3rd Prize – Ahsan Sand, Beckton
  • 2nd Prize – Chris Thrower, the Hive
  • 1st Prize – Carl Woodcock, the Hive

Just for fun, the winner of the Christmas Jumper/Outfit was Gillian Field from the Hive.

Getting down to business, we are very grateful to everyone who has helped Colosseum Dental to continue delivering high-quality dental care to our patients across the UK. Especially over the past year with all the extra challenges, our people are what make us and we have only been able to remain strong with their support.

We are also proud to be able to help professionals in their journeys, and were delighted to celebrate the nine dental nurses who qualified through our training provider in 2020 – well done to all of you once again!

The first set of awards presented were for our Value categories. Colosseum Dental stands by these key values in everything that we do and so it was important to recognise individuals who have gone the extra mile to help us realise our ethos on the ground.

Good Neighbour Award
For team members who demonstrate how they care more for their communities, the winner was Shelley Bell, Great Knightleys.

Entrepreneurship Award
We want our people to be empowered to think and act like business owners to challenge the status quo, and awarded Ashwin Mittal, Heathfield, in this instance.

Focused on working well as a team to achieve the best results for our patients, Danielle Hindley, Bexhill & Portland Road, was the award winner.

For those who are totally dedicated to caring for patients, colleagues and the community – we had so many nominations that we chose four winners each from different roles:

  • Sapphire Revell and Chloe Blackman (receptionists), Southdown & Leyton Road
  • Khaoula Moustaoui (dental nurse), Stoke Newington
  • Amritpaul Dhillon (dentist), Broxtowe Lane
  • Momena Khatun (practice manager), Norwood


Identifying those most passionate about dentistry, engaging, energising and inspiring others, we once again had so many nominations that we selected multiple winners:

  • Beckton Team (team)
  • Suprena Jones (lead nurse), Mawsley
  • Maham Khan (dentist), Tilgate

Further recognising the commitment of team members in different roles within our clinics, we presented awards to thank individuals and teams:

  • Hive Function of the Year – The Associate Recruitment Team
  • Dental Nurse of the Year – Tatiana Dobircianu, Wood Green
  • Dentist of the Year – Chris Yong, Stoke Newington
  • Receptionist of the Year – Carrie Hills, Gayton Rd
  • Dental Hygienist of the Year – Praveen Joseph, Crawley Cluster
  • Practice Manager of the Year – Ayeisha Britton, Little London
  • Practice of the Year – Walworth Road

Our Care Champion Awards were designed to distinguish individuals who really went above and beyond during the 2020 lockdowns to support colleagues, clinics, patients and communities. We were delighted to receive many very deserving nominations for such an accolade and ended up selecting two winners:

  • Sophie Hann, Yeovil
  • Alice Ketch, Stone Cross & Crowborough

In a similar vein, Kenny presented an honours list of people who also went the extra mile despite challenges and increasing workloads, always working with a smile:

  • Taylor Ball, Hilsea
  • Carl Woodcock, Head Office
  • Fiona Godfrey, Head Office
  • Sarah Duggan, Norwood 

 Eddie Coyle, Clinical Director of Colosseum Dental UK, joined in the presentations at this point to award Billie Grogan, Preston Park and Wellsbourne, with the Clinical Care Award for clinical excellence. Eddie went on to present a Lifetime Achievement and Contribution Award to Fiona Sutherland, who is retiring after dedicating many years and much passion to the business and the delivery of exceptional patient care.

The final set of Awards identified individuals who did more to care for the business, their colleagues and their patients in 2020. Congratulations to:

  • Cares more about the business – Amabel Alner, Receptionist, Churchill
  • Cares more about each other – Juliette Moss, Lead Nurse, Mansfield Rd
  • Cares more about our patients – Mohammed Islam, Creekside
  • Encompassing all three ‘We care more’ awards – Rachel Bentley, Mansfield Rd

People have always been and will continue to be at the heart of Colosseum Dental UK. We are very proud to work with such amazing individuals to ensure exceptional patient care and a great place to work. We’d like to extend a final congratulations to the nominees and winners!

For more information about Colosseum Dental, please visit www.colosseumdental.co.uk