Geographic tongue

What is a geographic tongue?

A geographic tongue can be characterized by the irregular appearance of the tongue. Typically, with red blotches and white lines, fissures, cracks, and splits on the surface of the tongue.  It is known as a geographic tongue due to the patterning that the patches resemble.

What causes a geographic tongue?

A geographic tongue occurs when the tongue attempts to shed dead tissue but irregularly sheds it; leading to chunks of the dead tissue coming off in large clumps and leaving sensitive red patches behind, or not shedding at all and creating the white border you see on geographic tongues.

How to prevent a geographic tongue?

Unfortunately, there is currently no prevention or treatments that are currently out there. If you are struggling with discomfort, it is worth booking an appointment as your dentist may be able to discuss the condition with you.

How to sport a geographic tongue/ symptoms?

Spotting a geographic tongue is somewhat easy - you may experience the following symptoms:
  • Red and white blotches/patches on the side and top of the tongue (sometimes even underneath).
  • Fissures, cracks, and splits on the surface of the tongue.
  • Irregular texture on the tongue surface.
  • As time goes on, the blotches may migrate around the mouth.

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