Lichen planus

What is Lichen Planus?

Lichen planus is a condition which causes a rash to form on the inside of the mouth. There are many presentations, but it most typically presents as a white rash in the mouth.

What causes Lichen Planus?

It is an autoimmune condition, which has been linked to multiple factors, such as genetics and certain medications.

How to prevent Lichen Planus?

Currently, there is no known prevention for lichen planus. Your dentist however may be able to offer treatments to help you cope with the condition.

How to treat Lichen Planus?

Lichen planus has no known cure, however, there are treatments that ease the symptoms of the condition, such as:
  • Avoiding salty and spicy foods which can irritate the areas.
  • Avoid smoking
  • Mouthwashes to ease the discomfort of lichen planus.
  • Medication such as steroids may be prescribed.

How to spot Lichen Planus/ Symptoms?

Lichen planus typically appears as small white spots or rashes in the mouth. You may have white lines which interlink to form a web-like appearance. It can also present as ulcers, which do not heal within two weeks. You may experience a burning, tingling or stinging sensation in the mouth especially when drinking and eating. If the gums are affected, then they may be sensitive- especially when brushing your teeth or using mouthwash containing alcohol.

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