Are veneers obvious?

Veneers - are they obvious?

Dentistry now offers many people the chance to change or restore their smile, which can provide a huge boost to someone’s confidence and happiness. One of the treatments that has become so useful in this field, is veneers, due to the ease at which they can be fitted and their uncanny similarity to your natural teeth.

Some patients worry that veneers may appear too artificial and therefore look out of place in your mouth however this couldn’t be further from the truth. The concerns about veneers, most likely stem from outdated treatments which offered veneers that looked larger than the natural teeth. Fortunately, this is no longer a problem and the only thing people will notice about your smile is how beautiful and natural it looks. For many patients, they may be self-conscious about seeking treatment to aesthetically improve their smile, but they needn’t worry.

First and foremost the veneers are designed and fitted based on the shape of your mouth and the pre-existing teeth. This means that the they should sit comfortably and naturally in your mouth.

In addition, the advancements in modern dentistry have also led to veneers being created that can match the colour of your teeth, size and thickness of your teeth. Using modern colour matching technology, your dentist can make sure that your veneerIn the construction of crowns or pontics, a layer of tooth-colored material usually, but not limited to, composite, porcelain, ceramic or acrylic resin, attached to the surface by direct fusion, cemen won’t look out of place compared to your other teeth.

Your dentist will also have numerous conversations with you about the look and design of the veneer, meaning you can raise any concerns during this period and ensure that anything that you would consider ‘too obvious’ is dealt with.

That being said, it is worth remembering that whilst veneers are artificial, they still require the same level of care and attention as your natural teeth, and therefore poor dental hygiene could still cause issues in the future. Making sure that you look after your oral health, teeth and veneers, will help ensure that there are no “obvious” issues with your smile.

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