Can a chipped tooth grow back?

I've chipped my tooth, will it grow back?

Whilst the enamelHard calcified tissue covering dentin of the crown of tooth. that makes up your teeth is very strong, they are still susceptible to breakages and damage. This can be caused by a poor dental routine and consuming an excessive amount of sugar which weakens the tooth. However, it could also be caused by damage in everyday life such as playing sports. When a tooth is chipped, people may be self-conscious or nervous about how big the chip is and how noticeable it is. Unfortunately, the only way to restore the tooth is to visit the dentist and have it repaired as enamel cannot grow back naturally.

It is vital that once you chip your tooth, that you visit the dentist straight away to ensure that there is no further damage. Your dentist can assess the best way to restore the tooth which will be impacted by many factors including whether the tooth is already filled, how much of the tooth remains, are there any other issues such as decay or gum disease.

Whilst, sports injuries and everyday knocks can’t be avoided, tooth breakages due to poor oral care can be.

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