Can cracked dentures be fixed?

If you crack your dentures, can they be fixed?

Damage to your teeth or mouth can often cause a lot of anxiety for patients, whether it is worry about pain, confidence or the finances required to fix the problem. So, when your dentures crack or break, there is an immediate worry about if they can be fixed and if so, how.

The good news is that cracked dentures can usually be fixed, but the first step is evaluating the extent of the damage. At this point we would recommend that you contact your dentist and organise an appointment so that they can properly assess the dentureAn artificial substitute for natural teeth and adjacent tissues. and advise you fully on the best course of action.

Should there be minor cracks, your dentist may only need to undertake simple repairs on the denture, however if there has been major damage, or parts of the denture have been detached permanently, you may need a new set of dentures.

We would strongly warn you against trying to fix the dentures yourself using either superglue or over the counter kits. Not only are these ineffective solutions, but they can cause further damage to not only your dentures but also your gums. The best course of action you can take is to remove the dentures and store them in a safe location and avoid wearing them until they have been made safe to.

Understandably you may be concerned about eating or talking without your dentures, but it is better to have some struggles in the short term than further oral issues in the long term. Therefore, act responsibly, contact your dentist and this difficult problem can be resolved properly.

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