Can I brush my teeth after whitening?

Could brushing wear off the treatment?

Teeth whitening has grown in popularity over the last decade in the UK, with people wanting to emulate their favourite celebrities or merely want to freshen up their smile and restore the natural whiteness of their enamelHard calcified tissue covering dentin of the crown of tooth., which naturally turns yellow over time. The best way to have your teeth whitened is to visit a dental professional. We strongly urge you not to use an at-home whitening kit that is not recommended by a dentist or a beauty therapist as several unforeseen complications could arise.

Immediately after having your teeth whitened you will feel overjoyed with the results and maybe even concerned that brushing your teeth could wear the effects of the treatment off. You should be brushing your teeth after having your teeth whitening. Neglecting your oral hygiene routine will only cause the whiteness to fade more quickly as well as potentially causing more serious dental problems such as plaqueA soft sticky substance that accumulates on teeth composed largely of bacteria and bacterial derivatives.-forming or gum disease emerging. 

We recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day, in the morning and the evening before bed. Additionally, you should also be cleaning in between your teeth daily, to prevent any morsels of food or bacteria from festering and contributing to decayThe lay term for carious lesions in a tooth; decomposition of tooth structure.

Furthermore, if you are concerned about your whitened teeth fading in colour, then you should consider changing your diet. Diets can have a huge effect on whitened teeth. Drinks such as coffee and wine are more likely to stain your teeth whilst meals such as curry, or sauces like soy sauce can also contribute to teeth discolouration. 

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