Can my dentist whiten my teeth?

Is it best to visit a dental professional?

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dentistry treatment, with more and more people becoming self-conscious about their teeth changing colour. Your teeth becoming yellow can occur naturally over time as the whiteness of the enamelHard calcified tissue covering dentin of the crown of tooth. fades, however in some cases a poor diet, poor dental hygiene or smoking can also cause your teeth to whiten. Teeth whitening uses bleach to whiten the colour of your enamel by lightening it a few shades to restore your smile.

Teeth whitening should only be done by dental professionals such as a dentist or dental hygienist who must be registered with the General Dental Council. Professionals will undergo rigorous training in teeth whitening and will follow all the necessary steps to ensure that no issues arise when the bleach is being applied.

There are beauty salons that offer teeth whitening, however, they are not trained dental professionals, and this could negatively affect the success of the treatment and the longevity of the results. Additionally, some online websites offer DIY teeth whitening sets that you can use at home and these can also cause problems such as the bleachingA cosmetic dental procedure that whitens the teeth using a bleaching solution. leaking during the process and injuring the gums. You should only ever purchase a home tooth whitening kit from a trained dental professional.

If you want to have a cosmetic treatment such as teeth whitening, then please contact your dentist and they’ll be able to consult you on options as well as show you some examples of the results you can expect and the cost. They will also be able to explain why it is preferable to visit a dentist.

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