Can you get implants with gum disease?

With gum disease is it possible to have implants?

Having dental implants can have a positive impact on not only your oral health but also your confidence. As a result, if your tooth is damaged or missing you may be keen to undergo the surgery as quickly as possible however it is vital that prior to this, the dentist evaluates your suitability. 

Hopefully you’ll get the go ahead, however if you have any issues such as gum disease then they are steps that you’ll have to take before receiving your implants in order to maximise the success of the treatment. Removing active disease is vital.

Such treatment will require your oral health to be in the best condition possible - consequently, it is vitally important to address your gum disease before embarking on this procedure and we would recommend having a consultation with your dentist as well as visiting your hygienist. They will be able to reduce some of the damage, before giving you a plan of how to combat gum disease and prepare for the dental implants when you’re oral health is suitable.

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