Can you go to the dentist with a cold?

If you have a cold, can you go to the dentist?

Dental pain can come at any time, and as is often the case, sometimes this can happen when you are already feeling unwell. Therefore, many patients wonder whether they should come into the surgery for an appointment if they have a cold and quite often the answer is no.

Before you go to the dentist it’s worth weighing up how sick you are and the effect you may have on the people around you. For example, if you feel like you are recovering then you might be okay to visit the surgery for check up but even then, you may still be a carrier of the bug and therefore could quite easily infect the staff and other patients.

If there are elderly patients visiting the practice at the same this could be particularly dangerous due to their heightened chances of falling very ill. Whilst dental practises are incredibly clean places due to their sanitised nature, germs can still be spread through doors and seats.

Moreover, from a personal point of view you may be unable to undergo either a check up or surgery, due to your condition. If you are coughing or having breathing difficulties then a procedure in which your mouth is open the majority of the time would not be recommended, as it could lead to sudden movements that may damage your teeth or limit the success of the treatment.

Here at Colosseum Dental we would recommend that you remain at home if you are feeling under the weather and inform the dentist in advance so that we can rearrange the appointment and see you when you are healthy.

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