Do you take dental implants out at night?

At night, do I have to take out my implants?

Both dental implants and dentures can be used to replace your natural teeth, should they suffer damage or need removing. However, dental implants are very different from dentures, as they are actually fitted to the jawbones. Dentures can - and should - be taken out to be cleaned.

Consequently, dental implants cannot be removed at night. Furthermore, dental implants are often preferred if a patient is unable to have dentures, or has had issues with dentureAn artificial substitute for natural teeth and adjacent tissues. being loose.

Dental implants are created by fusing a titanium rootThe anatomic portion of the tooth that is covered by cementum and is located in the alveolus (socket) where it is attached by the periodontal apparatus; radicular portion of tooth. to the patient’s jaw. Depending on the circumstances, the damaged tooth will be extracted or if the tooth has fallen out the area already, then it will be cleaned. The implantA device specially designed to be placed surgically within or on the mandibular or maxillary bone will then be attached to the jawbone where the fusion will take place. This new metal root replaces the previous root, and provides stability and durability. Once this stage of the treatment has been completed, the new artificial tooth will be placed upon the implant and will look almost indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

If you think you may have any risks that would prevent implants from being fitted, or if you have any concerns regarding the root’s fusion with your jaw, don’t hesitate to contact your dentist. They will be able suggest whether implants or dentures would be more suitability.

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