Does it hurt to get braces?

Do you need to prepare yourself?

The day you get your braces can be nerve-wracking and exciting, as you’ll finally be on the road to having a new smile. However, some people worry that they may experience some pain in the process. Fortunately, having braces relatively pain free experience, however, there may be some discomfort when you initially have them fitted, when they get tightened and when they are removed. 

Having your braces fitted can be done in just a few hours. For a week after the treatment, you might develop pain in the gums or your teeth. This is completely natural and is the result of your mouth getting used to the braces. Additionally, the rubber bands and wires in the braces are applying pressure to your teeth to realign them and this can cause some stress at first. You should also be careful not to run your tongue or inside of your mouth against the braces as this may cause cuts and bleeding.

Once you have had your braces fitted you will have regular visits to the orthodontistA dental specialist whose practice is limited to the interception and treatment of malocclusion of the teeth and their surrounding structures., and this could include them tightening your braces. This will cause pressure on your teeth and gums and may lead to some discomfort, but this will subside within a few days. Finally, upon having your braces removed your teeth and gums will feel slightly odd but this is entirely normal, and a due to no longer having the braces in your mouth.

Over the counter medication and painkillers can effectively combat any brace-related pain so just ask your orthodontist or dentist for their recommendation. 

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