How do you clean your teeth with veneers?

Veneers and how to clean your teeth.

The good news about dental veneers is that they are bonded to your teeth and form part of your daily dental routine. The porcelain in the veneers ensures that, when looked after carefully following your dentist’s advice, they have a long lifespan whilst also being resistant to staining.

Despite this, there are still some routines you can follow to keep your veneers clean. Firstly, don’t be afraid of treating your veneers the same as a natural tooth – continue to brush and floss with the same intensity as you always would.

Should you have any questions regarding the veneers or their upkeep, you should contact your dentist and raise any concerns with them. This will give you a better idea of how to clean your veneers, as well as avoid any damage or disease.

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