How long do temporary fillings last?

Temporary fillings - how long do they last?

There are a variety of reasons for having a temporary filling, whether it be post-root canalThe portion of the pulp cavity inside the root of a tooth; the chamber within the root of the tooth that contains the pulp. surgery or while you’re awaiting a crownSimple crown procedure utilizing a porcelain crown fused to non-precious metal and not involving complicated prep. or fillingA lay term used for the restoring of lost tooth structure by using materials such as metal, alloy, or porcelain.. Whilst the filling will protect your teeth against most things, it is also worth noting that its temporary nature means that it will eventually degrade and isn’t as durable as white and amalgamSingle surface silver filling. fillings.

The precise time that a temporary filling will remain is dependent upon each person, however at most, it will last only a maximum of a few months . Eating hard or sticky food could contribute to the filling failing more quickly, and therefore whilst you have it, you should take a great deal of care and consider avoiding toffee and sticky sweets or hard foods. The purpose of the filling is merely to avoid your tooth experiencing any pain or sensitivity in the interim, between the initial treatment and having your permanent filling installed, which shouldn’t last long.

It is also very important that you continue to floss and brush regularly, however you may want to consider being slightly more careful than usual. Flossing, in particular, should be treated with care and you need to avoid pulling the floss up through their teeth, as this could catch the filling and pull it off prematurely.

Temporary fillings are a good option to maintain your teeth whilst they await the next phase of treatment, however, be aware that they are more susceptible to damage and mindful of avoiding complications.

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