How long do you need braces for?

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Braces are a great dental treatment for realigning your teeth, fixing bites and giving you confidence in your smile, however, they can take some getting used to. One of the most common questions regarding braces, is ‘how long do you have to keep them?’

The length of time that braces need to be worn depends on a number of factors. On average a patient will wear the wires for 12-18 months, however, in some cases it can be longer. When you are having your consultation, your dentist will discuss any oral issues and how the braces can rectify them, but they will also give you a timeline.

Additionally, the length of time that your braces are required varies by age groups. Adults, for instance, have braces for longer than children, as by adulthood the bone has completely formed and making the teeth more difficult to move. This could mean the braces need to be attached for longer.

However, even children could need the treatment for longer than 18 months if their teeth are in drastic need of realignment. For example, if a tooth has emerged in the wrong place, then it may need extracting and the dentist could recommend waiting for the adult tooth to come through before beginning the process.

Concerns regarding braces should be discussed with your dentist and they will be able to explain how long you should expect to wear them for as well as any complications that, although unlikely, could arise.

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