How long should you brush your teeth for?

Brushing your teeth, how long should you do it?

Maintaining a good oral hygiene routine is vital to a healthy and stress-free life, and the most important part of that is brushing your teeth regularly. Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day. This includes once before bed, and once more during the day. Most people choose to do this first thing in the morning, and this certainly makes the most sense.

However, brushing your teeth quickly just to get it out of the way, will cause you a lot of problems in the future and as a result, we recommend brushing your teeth for at least 2 minutes each time you brush. This means overall, at least 4 minutes a day.

Tooth brushing prevents plaqueA soft sticky substance that accumulates on teeth composed largely of bacteria and bacterial derivatives. from building up and hardening into tartar. This can then cause cavities and disease to spread through the teeth and gums. Additionally, when brushing your teeth make sure that you brush the front and back of the teeth, as plaque can often build up on the back of your front lower teeth. Make sure you brush every surface of the teeth and once you have finished there is no need to rinse your mouth. The fluoride in the toothpaste will continue to clean your mouth even after brushing.

You may also want to introduce flossing and mouthwash into your daily routine if you haven’t already. Flossing is very effective and highly recommended as it can clean in between your teeth and remove any morsels of food before the bacteria causes damage

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