How to clean dentures

Dentures, how do you clean them?

Dentures are an artificial dental replacement for your natural teeth. They are often used by elderly people, but in some cases, people who have suffered trauma or lost teeth earlier may also use dentures. They are an alternative to dental implants and differ, in that dentures are removable whilst dental implants are fixed and attached to the jawbone.

Dentures are a simpler choice and require no further surgery if you have lost a tooth, and because of this are very popular. However, to keep your dentures in good condition, and consequently prevent any disease or bacteria spreading to your gums, you need to be cleaning your dentures every day. We have put together a few top tips for caring for your dentures.

•    After meals – It is important to clean your dentures after dinner to remove any morsels of food. This prevents them from becoming bacteria which could grow into gum disease. Rinse the dentures gently and carefully, so that you do not drop and break them. Avoid using boiling water as this could warp the dentures and cause them to lose their shape.

•    Brushing – Whilst your dentures aren’t natural teeth, they still need to be brushed daily to remove food, plaqueA soft sticky substance that accumulates on teeth composed largely of bacteria and bacterial derivatives. amongst other things. If you have dentureAn artificial substitute for natural teeth and adjacent tissues. adhesive, then clean the grooves of the dentures to remove this substance.

•    Night-time – You must soak your dentures at night as this allows them to keep their shape. When you receive your dentures, ask how best is to store them and the best method of effectively cleaning them at night.

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