Is losing a crown a dental emergency?

Can losing a crownSimple crown procedure utilizing a porcelain crown fused to non-precious metal and not involving complicated prep. be a dental emergency?

We understand that losing a dental crown is a horrible experience, and it will inevitably cause concern and nerves about potential pain, and depending on where in the mouth the crown was e.g. one of your front teeth, it could also knock your confidence.

Crowns are inserted to protect a tooth that has suffered some trauma or decayThe lay term for carious lesions in a tooth; decomposition of tooth structure., and breakages often occur when you least expect it and is most commonly associated with eating hard or crunchy foods. The sound of the crown breaking brings a wave of anxiety, and you may want to seek dental assistance as soon as possible. 

However, it is unlikely to be a dental emergency if you lose your crown and the stress of late- night calls or trips a hospital are unlikely to help.

Whilst it is certainly true that there may be some discomfort or pain, due to the exposed nature of the tooth, and the lack of protection, the most sensible course of action would be to ring your dentist calmly and see when the next available appointment is likely to be. They will likely arrange for a booking as soon as possible.

Though a broken crown isn’t a dental emergency or cause any long-lasting damage to health, you make sure to avoid eating around the exposed tooth to avoid any pain or further damage.

Whilst not necessarily an emergency, it is important to try and get the crown replaced quickly to avoid any long-term damage. Furthermore, if your crown breaks and it is still larger in one piece, place it in a safe place and then bring it to your dentist for the replacement surgery, as they may be able reinsert this crown and save on cost.

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