What can I eat with braces?

Is any food off limits with braces?

Braces can cause a few problems when eating and once you’ve had them fitted you’ll need to rethink your diet. Fortunately, there is still a huge range of foods and drinks that you can have, however, certain things are off-limits. 

Foods you shouldn’t have:

•    Chewy foods e.g., soft gummy sugary sweets or chewing gum
•    Crunchy food e.g., popcorn, crisps or ice
•    Sticky foods e.g., chocolate with caramel, honeycomb
•    Hard foods e.g., nuts, harder candy
•    Foods which you may have to apply pressure to eat e.g., apples, pears, carrots

Foods you can have:

•    Soft cheese
•    Milk
•    Pasta
•    Pancakes
•    Muffins
•    Chicken
•    Mashed potatoes
•    Soft fruits (mashed fruit, bananas)
•    Ice Cream
•    Cake
•    Fish 
•    Milkshake

If you have any queries or concerns, ask your orthodontistA dental specialist whose practice is limited to the interception and treatment of malocclusion of the teeth and their surrounding structures. or dentist about braces and the best way to avoid any problems when eating.

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