What can you eat after teeth whitening

What you can eat after whitening your teeth

Getting your teeth whitened is an exciting experience created to give you greater confidence and happiness in your day to day life. However, for the treatment to be a success you’ll also need to take some precautions. Perhaps one of the most vital ways to ensure a successful treatment is to re-evaluate your diet.

There are certain foods and drinks you’ll want to avoid after having your teeth whitened, as some would have the negative effect of staining the teeth and immediately undoing the procedure.

Therefore, the best foods to consume are the ones that:

  • Don’t stain – this is vital
  • Won’t potentially weaken the tooth
  • Won’t cause potential chips or cracks to the enamelHard calcified tissue covering dentin of the crown of tooth.
  • Don’t cause gum irritation. Teeth whitening can sometimes cause gums to be more easily irritated

 Foods that are advisable to eat after teeth whitening include:

  • Porridge – porridge and milk is a great way to start the day and it’s soft consistency means there’s little risk of damage the next morning after
  • Yoghurt – white yoghurt is best as sweetened or coloured yoghurt can contribute to staining
  • Potatoes – thoroughly boiled or mashed potatoes make for a great accompanying side dish to your normal meals and should be comfortable to eat
  • Egg whites – if you fancy an egg, we advise avoiding the yoke for a few days as the colour can cause stains
  • Chicken & Turkey – these are healthy and acid-free meats that are tasty and good for you. Obviously avoid chewing any parts of the meat that may include bones as to avoid cracking or chipping a tooth
  • Pasta – a great source of energy, white pasta should be fine though you should avoid accompanying it with any coloured sauces like pesto or Bolognese
  • White bread – is safe and fine though you should avoid any crusty breads that could be too crusty for your enamel

 Following these simple instructions is the best way to achieve the best results and ensure that your whitening experience has been a huge success.

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