When do baby teeth fall out?

Baby teeth, when do they fall out?

The first few months of having a new baby are life-changing and incredibly precious, however, they also involve stress, anxiety and a number of concerns. One such concern that many new parents have, is their children’s teeth. Initially, this manifests itself as worrying about teething when they are babies, however, as they get older it evolves into questions about baby teeth, and more specifically when these teeth will fall out.

Baby teeth, or milk teeth, are the first teeth that grow when children are very young. Milk teeth come through within the first six months and continue to come through until the child is 3 years old, by which point, they will have 20 teeth. However, by the time they reach 5 or 6, the milk teeth begin to fall out naturally. This process can last for up to 7 years, meaning they could be 12 years old by the time their last milk teeth fall out. When baby teeth drop out, it is nothing to worry about, as they are replaced with adult teeth which are then permanent.

When the first baby teeth fall out it is important to look behind the very last teeth in each corner of the mouth as the first adult molarTeeth posterior to the premolars (bicuspids) on either side of the jaw; grinding teeth, having large crowns and broad chewing surfaces. tooth will come through behind the last baby molar – the child doesn’t lose a tooth to get the new adult molar.

Furthermore, unlike baby teeth, of which there are 20, there are 32 adult teeth.

However, should your child’s baby tooth fall out unnaturally, whether that be due to a fall or poor dental hygiene, you must visit your dentist as it may impact negatively on the growth of the adult tooth in the future. Please feel free to contact the surgery as soon as this happens if you have any questions.

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