Coronavirus Update

Patient Safety

 Since the outbreak of Covid-19, our top priority has always been - and continues to be - the wellbeing of our patients and colleagues.

Although Covid-19 measures have changed, as a healthcare provider we are still following official guidance, which says that we need to maintain our key safety procedures to help us prevent the spread of Covid-19.

So, we will still ask you to:

•    Wear a face covering in our practices where possible
•    Use our hand sanitiser when you arrive
•    Inform reception staff immediately on arrival if you are displaying any respiratory symptoms
•    Let us know if you need any support

The requirement for physical distancing has been removed in patient waiting areas where patients are not displaying respiratory symptoms. Physical distancing of at least 1 metre should be maintained between and among patients and colleagues in all other areas of the practice.

Physical distancing should remain at 2 metres where infectious respiratory patients are cared for.

 Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to support you, and we kindly ask that you continue to be kind to our teams.

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