Coronavirus Update

Updated: 18/05/21

Dear Colosseum Dental UK Patients – existing and new,

Our Dental Clinics are very much open!!

As the government continue to follow their pathway out of the pandemic, we are delighted to inform you that our clinics have been open and remain open to deliver dental care.  
At Colosseum Dental UK we are acutely aware that many of you have missed out on your routine dental examination or indeed had to endure dental problems throughout recent times.
However, we’re delighted that our clinics are open and, whilst working within the public health guidelines set out by the authorities, we are able to treat patients and deliver that vital oral care.
We understand that some of you may have been nervous about leaving home and making the journey to your dental practice. The Government, however, have been clear that people should continue to access healthcare; this does not change in spite of the guidance.


You can feel reassured that at CDUK, we have developed standard operating procedures which are designed to keep you as patients safe, and also our team members. There are various processes in place to help us to maintain this including online forms, structured arrival time at the practice, health screening and that all-important PPE. And of course, social distancing is observed at our clinics.

Many of our clinics are now operating extended hours, and as well as offering standard daytime appointments, we have the facility to see you in the evenings and Saturdays to offer an extensive range of dental services. This is not only for existing patients, we’re delighted to be welcoming new patients to our practices, too (click here to find your closest clinic).

Don’t put it off

Your dental health is a vital part of your overall health and it is important that you attend for a dental examination. This will make sure that your mouth is in good condition and that anything that does require attention can be treated as early as possible. You may not be aware that most dental problems don’t arise suddenly, and in fact progress almost unnoticed in many cases until symptoms develop - by then treatment can be more complex and expensive. Prevention is always better than cure!

That all important check up

Attending for your dental check-up allows your dentist to look for early signs of tooth decay, gum disease, excessive wear on your teeth and also importantly for any signs of oral cancer. Your dentist can also discuss your options for improving your smile and creating that perfect selfie grin!

So, don’t delay - contact your local Colosseum practice to arrange that examination appointment – we would love to welcome you back if you are one of our existing patients and if you haven’t visited us before, we’d love to see you.

At CDUK, We Care More.

Dr. Eddie Coyle - Clinical Director, Colosseum Dental UK

P.S. Please be aware that the majority of our web images were actually taken before the Coronavirus pandemic.

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