What do Hygienists provide?

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Zing! Nothing beats that feeling of having really, really clean teeth.

Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to give you more confidence in your smile, our Dental Hygienists are specially trained to help get your pearly whites shining.

PlaqueA soft sticky substance that accumulates on teeth composed largely of bacteria and bacterial derivatives. and other hard deposits on our teeth build up over time. Even alongside daily brushing, flossing and dental care we can find our smile starting to fade as time goes by.

But there’s no reason why you can’t have a clean feeling back again and with our direct access, there’s no need to see the dentist first. We can book you straight in with our Dental Hygienists.

As well as their careful deep cleaning, they provide invaluable advice about how to maintain a healthy mouth. Talking to you about your home dental care and brushing routine, means you can keep that clean feeling for longer between visits.

Making your Hygienist part of your oral care routine doesn’t just help keep your teeth looking great. Regular appointments also help to prevent gum disease, bleeding gums and dental decayThe lay term for carious lesions in a tooth; decomposition of tooth structure. and can highlight concerns earlier so you can have them checked with the dentist straight away.

And with our payment plans you can spread the cost of visiting the dentist and the hygienist throughout the year. You can find more info on our dental payment plan page. 

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I was really happy with my experience at Bradlaw. The dentist was amazing and explained everything they were doing, why they were doing it and what it would feel like. She answered all the questions I had in full detail and really put me at ease.
Alfie Kimmins - Bradlaw Dental Clinic

Frequently asked questions

So, what does my hygienist do?
Hygienists help patients to achieve and maintain good oral health by preventing and treating periodontal (gum) disease and helping patients to develop good oral hygiene practices.
Do I need to pay to visit a hygienist?

If your dentist says scaling is clinically required, this is available on the NHS. A simple scaling is available in a Band 1 course of treatment but more complex treatment for gum problems may
be charged within a Band 2 course of treatment.

Our hygienists work under direct access, which means that you don’t need to be referred by the dentist to book an appointment with them. However, hygienists can only provide this open access on a private basis, so please check with the Reception team the cost of this treatment before booking.

If your dentist says you don’t clinically need to see a hygienist, but you’d like to have an appointment anyway, you’ll need to pay for it privately.

What are the benefits of seeing a Hygienist?
Your dental hygiene is a vital part of maintaining your overall oral health, and our highly skilled hygienists are well placed to remove any deposits from your mouth professionally. They will also give you the information and education to allow you to maintain your fantastic smile.  By taking these steps you can go a long way to preventing gum disease and ultimately keep your teeth.
What is the difference between a dentist and a hygienist?
Dentists are qualified, like doctors, to write prescriptions, carry out medical procedures and administer anaesthetics for your teeth and gums. Hygienists work under the supervision of a Dentist and they work on the hygiene of your mouth. They will most likely carry out teeth whitening services, deep cleans and do sealants. A good Dentist and Hygienist will work together at their Practice to ensure the best dental care for you, whatever you need.

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