How long does it take to get dentures?

Do dentures take long to get?

The process of getting your dentures can take some time depending on several factors e.g. if you require partial or full dentures.

Firstly, you will be invited into the dental practice so that the dentist can examine your teeth before deciding on what sort of dentures you need. You may only require partial dentures that can be made to work alongside your existing teeth, or if you need full dentures, then the remaining healthy teeth will need to be extracted.

If you de need extractions it is advisable to wait around 6-8 weeks before the next appointment, where an impression of your gums can take place. This is due to the fact, that the gums require time to heal and you need to allow the swelling to reduce, in order to make an appropriate impression.

Once you have fully healed, the dentist will take a mould of your gums, and then reproduce a cast that the dentures can be made from.

There are several stages involved to ensure that the dentureAn artificial substitute for natural teeth and adjacent tissues. will fit your mouth as closely as possible, including a stage that allows you to be sure that the appearance of the denture is good. We usually estimate that it should take around four  weeks to three months to get your dentures after the first impression has been taken.

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