Are white fillings better than silver?

Is there a difference in quality between white and silver fillings?

White fillings are a popular alternative to silver fillings for a number of reasons. Most dentists and patients have a preference for white fillings due to the natural colour, meaning they are less noticeable in your mouth.

Further benefits with white fillings include how they are inserted into your mouth. Unlike silver fillings, white fillings can be directly attached to your broken tooth, meaning it is easier to rebuild the tooth in its original shape.

Additionally, the white fillings composite resin ensures that it won’t corrode with age meaning the effects are long lasting providing you follow a good oral hygiene routine.

In spite of these benefits, there are some reasons that silver fillings could be preferable. For instance, silver filings are cheaper than white fillings meaning if you do have any financial restrictions you may want to consider silver fillings as an alternate option.

Moreover, silver fillings are more durable than white ones and are less likely to wear than white fillings. In fact, for fillings at the rear of your mouth, your dentist may advise silver fillings, as they provide greater strength for the pressure caused by constant chewing and biting.

Finally, if you are slightly concerned or anxious about a visit to the dentists, then you may choose to have silver fillings as they can be added quicker compared to their white counterparts.

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