How to whiten teeth?

Teeth whitening; how do you do it?

A growing trend during the 21st century has been teeth whitening, with many patients wishing to attain similar looks to their favourite celebrities. Tooth whitening is when your teeth are whitened to get a lighter and whiter look. Whilst it is unlikely to make your teeth a bright white, it will successfully lighten the existing tooth by many shades.

The best way to have your teeth whitened is to visit your dentist. There are several online teeth whitening sets or Do-It-Yourself sets from shops, however, these can carry risks such as blisters forming in your mouth due to a poorly fitted mouthguard. Additionally, it is illegal for beauty salons to carry out tooth whitening, so be very careful about where you go to have the treatment done.

The best people to do this are dentists or other dental professionals who have been suitably trained in whitening. During your session, the dentist will get an impression of your teeth and make a whitening tray that is perfectly fitted. They will then explain how whitening gel works and when to use it. Most often, you should be using the whitening tray and gel for a suggested period over 2-4 weeks, however, it could be longer. If you still have any questions, please book a consultation with your dentist who can answer these concerns.

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