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We know how important a great smile can be.

It gives you confidence, and makes you feel, well, more you in some ways.

For many people, especially young people, straight teeth are part of that perfect smile. Yet, due to a lot of different factors, by the time a child has all their adult teeth, usually at around the age of 12, they might not be as straight as you might like.

This is where Orthodonticsa speciality of dentistry that deals with the correction of malpositioned teeth. come in. Orthodontics refers to all treatments which are used to correct crowded, wonky or protruding teeth, as well as making changes needed to your ‘bite’. Most commonly this is done using some form/type of braces.

Teeth that don’t sit straight in your mouth can be a problem for a few reasons. Wonky teeth can affect your bite, which means your teeth are more likely to be damaged. It also puts a strain on your jaw muscles. In extreme cases it can also affect the shape of your face.

Orthodontic options can be fitted for children once they’ve got all their adult teeth, usually around 12 years old. They can also be used on adults at any time, although the treatment options can be more limited for adults as their teeth are more settled and may not move as much during treatment.

The most common Orthodontic option is braces which are used to straighten teeth. In some cases, small pins are fitted temporarily to the jaw. Teeth might also be removed in order make room for others to move and straighten.

If you feel that you might need your teeth straightened, please make an appointment with your Dentist to discuss your options. They will be able to discuss your needs and also refer you to one of our Orthodontists.

NHS Orthodontic Treatment


The NHS does cover Orthodontic treatments, but not in all cases. The NHS pay the cost for the treatment of under 18s where there is a ‘clear health need’ for the treatment required. This means that where the condition of your teeth is affecting your dental health, orthodontic treatment is available. For more cosmetic cases, for example if you just want your teeth to be a bit straighter, it is unlikely that treatment will be paid for by the NHS.

Even when NHS treatment is available there is often a long waiting list. Many patients who are able to have their orthodontic treatment paid for by the NHS still choose Private Orthodonticsa speciality of dentistry that deals with the correction of malpositioned teeth. so that treatment can start straight away.

Private Orthodontics Treatment

We offer a range of Private Orthodontics, using top of the range braces and technology, to deliver the best treatment for you. We will speak to you about the best treatment for your teeth and offer a range of popular brands including Invisalign, In-Ovation and Fast Braces. Your Dentist will be happy to talk you through the options and recommend what’s best for you and your teeth.

Our Private Orthodontic treatments offer you a range of options, including braces which can make teeth straightening faster and more comfortable. There are also more options for braces that are not available through NHS treatment such as braces that are less noticeable or ones that could even be hidden entirely.

Your next steps would be to speak with your local Dentist to find out more about your personal circumstances and options, and see how we can best help you on your journey!

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Excellent from start to finish. Reception area clean and clutter-free ( although a little high !). J & C make you feel at ease from the moment you are called in and provide a very professional service, with sound, knowledgeable advice when needed. I almost look forward to visiting the dentist !!
Peter Fisher - Charlton Dental Clinic

Frequently asked questions

Orthodontics? What's that?
Orthodontics refers to any treatment used to straighten teeth. Most commonly this is braces, but it can also include treatments which address conditions like cleft lip and palette and sleep apnoea.

Orthodontics can be used alongside other treatments to give you the smile that you are looking for.
Who can have Orthodontics?
Children can be fitted with a number of Orthodontic options once all their adult teeth have appeared, usually around 12 years old. Adults can have Orthodontic treatment at any time, but treatments can be more limited.
In order to have Orthodontic treatment you need to have good oral health overall – put in front of oral health, as treatments such as braces can cause tooth decay if they are not looked after properly.
Can I get braces on the NHS?
NHS treatment is free for under 18s. It covers any treatment that a child has a ‘clear health need’ for. This can include Orthodontics in some cases. These are assessed on a scale, which is defined by the British Orthodontics Society, from Grade 1 – perfect teeth – to Grade 5 for the worst cases. Only those cases in grades 4 and 5 will receive NHS treatment.

If you are not eligible for NHS treatment then it is worth thinking about Private Orthodontics.
How much does Private Orthodontics cost?
Costs will depend on the type of braces that you choose and what treatment is needed. Your Dentist will discuss the costs with you as part of your initial consultation. We offer interest free credit for treatments over £300 and you can find more information on our payment plans here.

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