Can you have invisible braces if you have veneers?

If you have veneers, can you have invisible braces like Clear Correct or Invisalign?

Veneers are a very popular cosmetic dentistry choice if you want to refresh your smile and restore any badly stained or broken teeth. It involves adding a thin piece of porcelain to the tooth, to redesign your smile. However, people often ask us whether they will be able to support other dental treatments such as invisible braces like Invisalign or Clear Correct.

Invisible braces involve removable aligners that are placed in your mouth to help straighten the teeth and rectify any misalignments or gaps. Whilst having veneers makes things slightly more difficult, it should not stop you receiving invisible braces.

There are circumstances where invisible braces may need to be more tightly attached to the teeth, and this may affect the bite of the wearer however it will not have a hugely negatively impact on a patient’s daily routine. The majority of patients suffer no such problems due to many invisible braces’ cutting-edge design and the fact that the attachments are specifically moulded and created for your mouth which will offer added comfort.

The best person to talk to about having these aligners added is your dentist. They will be able to explore various options for you from traditional braces to invisible braces so that you can make a careful and considered decision.

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