How often should you see the dental hygienist?

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It is extremely important that you visit a dental hygienist as part of your oral hygiene routine, however the regularity of visits is dependent on the overall health of your mouth.

Dental hygienists are specifically trained to assess your gums and let you know if you require any further treatment as well as providing advice on how best to reduce gum disease through brushing and techniques to clean between your teeth. If your gums are healthy and disease free, then we recommend visiting the dental hygienist every six months to a year. That way, they can manage your oral health and remove any plaqueA soft sticky substance that accumulates on teeth composed largely of bacteria and bacterial derivatives. or tartar build up. You should try to arrange a session with the hygienist in accordance with any dental visits to save time.

However, should you have any underlying problems with your gums or more worryingly, heavy plaque build-up or gum disease, then you will need to visit the hygienist more regularly. You can spot gum disease, by either seeing the naturally pink gums turn red, or experiencing bleeding when brushing or flossing. If there are these signs of gum disease then you’ll need to visit the hygienist every three months so that the situation can be monitored. Once the gums have begun to heal then the time between appointments will begin to be lengthened out.

If you have any worries about your gums or notice bleeding then you should contact your dental surgery as soon as possible to book an appointment with a hygienist so that you can avoid any further long term damage to your teeth.

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